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Table of Contents
Here you will find over 100 study guides for virtually every topic covered in nursing school.  These study guides break things down into information that is more easily comprehended by the student.  Many of the study guides have links for further help as well as videos and pictures.  These study guides were designed to be a beneficial supplement to the information you are already being taught in nursing school.

Here you will find websites, books and other resources to help aid in your studies.  From writing papers to charting and assessments, this page if full of valuable resources at the tip of your fingers.

Here you fill find pdf and word document files of charts, diagrams and matrices.  All designed to enhance your learning.

The testing module is designed to enhance your test taking skills as well as your knowledge in specific nursing areas.  The database is filled with thousands of multiple choice NCLEX style questions as well as questions you might find on quizzes and exams in nursing school.  Many of the questions have rationale with the answer to further enhance your learning. 

Start by deciding what topic you would like to test in and pick the number of questions you would like to take.  Chapter tests are specific to the topic mentioned and unit tests will pull questions from all the chapters underneath it. The NCLEX test will pull questions from the entire database.  Keep in mind, you will never get the same test twice. 

You may see the same question from time to time, but each time you select a test, the computer will randomly generate the questions and order for you.  Once the test is completed, the computer will give you your score which will be saved under "My Test Results" on the right hand side.  Here, you can monitor what tests you've taken as well as your progress in each subject. 

Discussion Forum
The discussion forum gives you a chance to communicate with other members from around the country.  Here, you can post questions, find out about and post information on job and internship opportunities as well as much more. 
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